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Unique Attributes That Define Our Excellence

  • No hidden charges!  You only pay for rent, delivery, pick-up and sales tax.
  • Our inventory is well maintained & made of high strength steel.
  • No personal property charge, insurance charge or fuel surcharge.
  • Our monthly billing cycle saves you money over the competition’s 28 day billing cycle!

Our range of storage containers, versatile combination office-storage units, and semi-trailer storage options are accessible for both rental and purchase, featuring competitive pricing with no additional fees.

At Site Storage, we tailor solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether temporary or permanent.



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Exceptional Versatility

Our storage container business stands out due to the remarkable versatility of our offerings. From traditional storage containers to combination office-storage units and semi-trailer storage options, we provide solutions that cater to a diverse range of needs across various industries for storage on site.

Competitive Pricing with Transparency

We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering competitive pricing without hidden “add-on” expenses. Our transparent pricing model ensures that clients receive fair and straightforward pricing, enabling them to budget effectively and make informed decisions.

Tailored Solutions and Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering customized storage solutions, whether for short-term rentals or long-term purchases. Our client-centric approach has earned us the trust of contractors, businesses, retailers, churches, and government agencies, making us the preferred choice for storage container solutions.



On-site storage containers are versatile and can be used in various settings for different purposes. Here’s a list of common uses:

  • Construction Site Storage: Store tools, equipment, and supplies securely on construction sites.
  • Home Renovation Storage: Keep furniture and household items safe during home remodels or renovations.
  • Business Inventory Storage: Manage excess inventory or seasonal stock for retail and commercial businesses.
  • Event Storage: Use for storing supplies, tents, tables, and chairs for events like festivals or weddings.
  • Office Relocation: Store office furniture and documents temporarily during office moves or renovations.
  • Disaster Recovery: Provide quick, secure storage for belongings and equipment in areas affected by natural disasters.
  • Landscaping Supplies Storage: Keep landscaping materials and tools safe and accessible on job sites.
  • Sports and Recreation Equipment Storage: Store sports gear, recreational equipment, or club supplies seasonally or year-round.
  • School and Educational Supplies Storage: Useful for storing school furniture, books, and teaching materials, especially during renovations.
  • Temporary Workshops: Create a temporary workspace for projects that don’t require a permanent structure.

These uses demonstrate the flexibility and practicality of on-site storage solutions across various industries and personal applications. 

Our Containers & Products

20′ Storage Container

Discover the perfect balance of space and versatility with our 20-foot storage containers. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, these containers provide ample room for storing inventory, equipment, or personal belongings securely. Built to withstand the elements, our 20-foot containers offer peace of mind with their robust construction and weather-resistant features. Whether you’re seeking temporary storage during a renovation or a long-term solution for expanding inventory, our 20-foot containers deliver the reliability and flexibility you need.

40′ Storage Container

Maximize storage efficiency with our 40-foot containers. Tailored for commercial and industrial use, these containers offer ample space and versatility for various needs. Whether for temporary storage during relocation or a permanent overflow solution, our 40-foot containers ensure security and durability in any environment. Trust in their robust construction and weather-resistant features for reliable asset protection. Discover unmatched convenience and reliability with our 40-foot container solutions. An ideal solution to secure your assets and have peace of mind.

20′ Office Container

Unlock productivity on-site with our compact yet fully-functional 20-foot office container. Tailored for versatility, these containers provide a convenient workspace solution for construction sites, events, or temporary office setups. With ample space for desks, chairs, and storage, our 20-foot office containers offer a comfortable and efficient environment for your team. Equipped with essential amenities such as lighting, electrical outlets, and climate control options, you can ensure optimal comfort and productivity in any location. Streamline your operations with our portable 20-foot office container solutions.

40′ Office Container

Experience unparalleled workspace flexibility with our spacious 40-foot office container. Designed to meet the demands of dynamic work environments, these containers offer ample room for large teams or specialized equipment. Whether you require a temporary office space for construction projects, on-site meetings, or remote operations, our 40-foot office containers provide the perfect solution. Featuring customizable layouts and essential amenities such as climate control, lighting, and electrical outlets, you can create a comfortable and productive workspace anywhere. Elevate your on-site operations with our versatile 40-foot office container solutions.


We rent and sell ramps to allow users to easily enter containers with a pallet jack or fork lift.

Client Testimonials

One of the Best in Florida!

Quick turn around with great service and great prices. Whether it is dealing with the account manager Meg or container tech Troy , you are bound to have an incredible interaction. Thank you for all the help Site Storage!

Nicholle W.

Very Friendly and Great Pricing

Our business needed storage for a renovation project. We were referred to Sit Storage and they we absolutely great! They are extremely friendly and are very affordable compared to everyone else that we checked.

Linda G.