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Established in 1980, Site Storage, Inc. is a cherished family-owned enterprise rooted in Central Florida.




Here’s an extensive breakdown of why using on-site storage solutions is beneficial for a variety of needs, highlighting the competitive pricing and superior customer service offered by

Construction Site Storage Solutions

On-site storage solutions are crucial for construction sites as they provide a secure, weather-resistant space to store tools, equipment, and materials. This prevents theft and damage, while also keeping the site organized and efficient. By using, construction managers can benefit from competitive pricing and flexible rental periods, reducing overall project costs without compromising on security or accessibility. Our dedicated customer service ensures that any requests or issues are swiftly handled, keeping your project on track.

Home Renovation Storage Solutions

During home renovations, on-site storage solutions offer a safe haven for furniture, appliances, and personal items, protecting them from dust, debris, and potential damage. This makes the renovation process smoother and helps avoid cluttering up other areas of the home. provides affordable solutions with various storage solution sizes to accommodate different volumes of items, backed by a service team that ensures your possessions are securely stored and easily accessible when needed.

Business Inventory Storage Solutions

For businesses, whether retail or industrial, managing excess inventory can be challenging. On-site storage solutions facilitate better inventory control by providing extra space that is secure and close at hand. This helps in maintaining a streamlined inventory system, especially during peak seasons or special promotions. offers competitively priced storage solutions that can be customized to specific business needs, coupled with exceptional customer service to address any queries or logistical requirements.

Event Storage Solutions

Events like festivals, weddings, and corporate gatherings require a significant amount of supplies and equipment. On-site storage solutions provide a convenient solution for storing everything from seating and decorations to audio equipment securely on the event site. This not only simplifies logistics but also helps in safeguarding valuable equipment. With, event planners can count on affordable, reliable storage options and responsive support from our team, ensuring event setup goes as planned.

Office Relocation Storage Solutions

On-site storage solutions simplify the process of office relocation by offering a temporary storage solution for furniture, equipment, and documents. This facilitates a phased move, reducing disruption to daily operations.’s competitive pricing and flexible rental options make it economical for businesses to manage their relocation smoothly. Our customer service excellence ensures that all your storage needs are met promptly and efficiently during the transition.

Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions

In the aftermath of natural disasters, on-site storage solutions are crucial for quickly securing damaged property, equipment, or inventory. They provide a dry, secure environment that aids in the recovery process. responds rapidly to such emergencies, offering affordable storage solutions with flexible terms. Our committed customer service team works closely with clients to facilitate quick deployment and setup of storage solutions in disaster-stricken areas.

Landscaping Supplies Storage Solutions

Landscapers benefit greatly from on-site storage solutions to securely store equipment, tools, and materials. This not only protects valuable assets from theft and environmental damage but also improves operational efficiency by keeping supplies readily accessible at job sites. offers various storage solution sizes at competitive prices, complemented by our excellent customer service that ensures your storage setup is hassle-free and meets your specific needs.

Sports and Recreation Equipment Storage Solutions

For sports teams and recreational facilities, on-site storage solutions provide a convenient and secure way to store gear, uniforms, and equipment. This helps in maintaining the condition of the equipment and ensures that it is ready to use when needed.’s affordable and flexible storage solutions are backed by customer service that is always ready to assist with any requirements, ensuring your sports or recreational activities are never interrupted.

School and Educational Supplies Storage Solutions

Schools undergoing renovations or simply needing extra space can use on-site storage solutions to safely store furniture, books, and teaching materials. This keeps the learning environment organized and functional. offers cost-effective storage solutions tailored for educational institutions, along with responsive customer service to manage any specific needs or adjustments required during the rental period.

Temporary Workshops

On-site storage solutions can be converted into temporary workshops for various projects. This provides a secure, enclosed area for work, regardless of the location. With, users can enjoy custom modifications to storage solutions, competitive pricing, and superior customer service, ensuring that your temporary workspace is exactly what you need for the duration of your project.

By choosing for your on-site storage needs, you not only get a reliable storage solution but also the peace of mind that comes with exceptional service and competitive pricing.

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One of the Best in Florida!

Quick turn around with great service and great prices. Whether it is dealing with the account manager Meg or container tech Troy , you are bound to have an incredible interaction. Thank you for all the help Site Storage!

Nicholle W.

Very Friendly and Great Pricing

Our business needed storage for a renovation project. We were referred to Sit Storage and they we absolutely great! They are extremely friendly and are very affordable compared to everyone else that we checked.

Linda G.