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Established in 1980, Site Storage, Inc. is a cherished family-owned enterprise rooted in Central Florida.




Temporary Storage Containers at

At, we understand that flexibility and security are crucial when it comes to storage solutions. Our temporary storage containers offer an ideal solution for a variety of needs, combining the convenience of on-site access with the flexibility of short-term commitments. Whether you’re managing a renovation, overseeing a construction project, or need extra space for seasonal inventory, our containers provide a secure, cost-effective, and adaptable storage option.

Why Choose Temporary Storage Containers?

  • Project Flexibility: Perfect for construction sites, home renovations, or temporary project needs where tools, materials, and equipment require secure, accessible storage.
  • Event Management: Ideal for storing supplies, equipment, and merchandise for events such as festivals, markets, or sporting events, ensuring everything is on-hand and secure, yet out of sight.
  • Seasonal Storage: Great for retail businesses or educational institutions that need extra space for seasonal decorations, promotional materials, or temporary inventory.
  • Moving and Relocation: Simplify moving processes by staging homes or businesses, decluttering spaces, and storing belongings temporarily between moves.
  • Disaster Recovery and Restoration: Provide a quick, secure option for storing belongings safely while recovery and restoration efforts are underway after a disaster.
  • Business Expansion: Support growing businesses that need additional space to store inventory or equipment temporarily as they scale up operations or undergo facility upgrades.

Practical Advantages of On-Site Temporary Storage

  • Immediate Accessibility: Keep essential items close to where they are needed, reducing downtime and eliminating the need for off-site storage trips.
  • Cost Efficiency: Avoid long-term lease commitments and the high costs associated with permanent storage solutions; only pay for the space and duration you need.
  • Security: Equipped with high-quality locks and constructed from durable materials, our containers protect against theft, vandalism, and environmental elements.
  • Mobility: Easily relocate containers within different sections of a site or between locations as project demands change, providing unmatched logistical flexibility.

Commitment to Service and Value at

At, we’re not just about providing storage solutions; we’re about enhancing your operational efficiency through exceptional service and competitive pricing. Our temporary storage containers are backed by a team dedicated to ensuring that your experience is seamless and supportive. With around-the-clock customer service and a deep understanding of diverse storage needs, stands out as a leader in providing practical, reliable, and affordable storage options.

Choose for your temporary storage needs and experience the ease and efficiency that comes with our top-notch customer service and competitive pricing. Let us help you find the perfect storage solution to match your temporary or transitional requirements.

Client Testimonials

One of the Best in Florida!

Quick turn around with great service and great prices. Whether it is dealing with the account manager Meg or container tech Troy , you are bound to have an incredible interaction. Thank you for all the help Site Storage!

Nicholle W.

Very Friendly and Great Pricing

Our business needed storage for a renovation project. We were referred to Sit Storage and they we absolutely great! They are extremely friendly and are very affordable compared to everyone else that we checked.

Linda G.